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Think Beyond Traditional Security Solutions

Cybersecurity is fundamentally a people problem. Organizations rely on traditional security methods and staff that lack the creativity and motivations of black hat hackers. These methods continue to fall short leaving organizations vulnerable to cyber attacks.
What’s needed are innovative alternatives that leverage the creativity of human-intelligence at scale to combat the malicious motives of adversaries.

Bug Bounty Program: A Human-based Approach to<br /> Risk Reduction

Bug bounty programs level the cybersecurity playing field by building a partnership with a team of white hat hackers to reduce business risk. This competition-based testing model leverages human intelligence at scale to deliver rapid vulnerability discovery across
multiple attack surfaces. With Hycom’s managed approach organizations receive prioritized vulnerabilities, program support, and remediation advice throughout the process to accelerate the discovery and remediation of vulnerabilities.

How It Works: Highlights

  • Connect with tens of thousands of white hat hackers to combat the imbalance between the creativity and motivations of cyber attackers and security defenders.
  • Partnering with Hycom’s to run a bug bounty program accelerates the discovery and remediation of vulnerabilities to maximize risk reduction.
  • Hycom’s seamlessly integrates vulnerability remediation into the software development lifecycle, largely eliminating administrative overhead.
  • Supports the most important attack targets web and API interfaces on cloud/servers, mobile, and IoT platforms.
  • Unlike penetrations tests, bug bounty programs significantly improve risk reduction with an incentive-based testing model.
  • Bug bounty programs find up to 7x more critical issues than traditional security solutions.

Engage Global Researchers:

Incentivize a global community of security researchers from around the world to find vulnerabilities.

Submission Triage and Validation:

Hycom’s application security engineers triage and validate all incoming submissions to ensure an organization’s security team is focused on critical issues that present a real risk to the business.

Submission Acceptance and Payout:

Organizations review and confirm triaged submissions. At this time it is recommended to pay researchers for their findings.

Fix Vulnerability and Verify:

Hycom’s cloud-based platform integrates directly into software development offering seamless ticket generation to speed up the remediation process. Hycom’s offers retesting to verify the patch was successful.

Testing Flexibility to Fit Business Needs

Bug bounty programs support the two key attack targets (web and APIs) across all core platforms.         On-prem or cloud-based applications, IoT and mobile apps can all be secured, either in production or pre -production environments. Bug bounty programs can be run with either public or private researcher exposure. It is common for organizations to “crawl, walk, run” as they scale their bug bounty program.

The best starting point is usually as a private program with a limited number of invited, trusted researchers. As the program matures over time, organizations may choose to increase the number of researchers, expand the targeted scope, or transition to a public program to heighten security awareness and increase the breadth and depth. Bug bounty programs are available in both on-demand or continuous engagements. Hycom’s makes it easy to quickly launch either type based on requirements. A single point in time or periodic testing engagement that is best fit for an initial proof-of concept, or as a replacement for periodic penetrations tests. An ongoing testing engagement that is best fit for high-value targets or agile DevOps cultures where the application is changing continuously.
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Private Programs

  • Controlled testing environment with a small set of highly vetted and experienced researchers.
  • Elasticity to adjust researcher engagement and testing scope as needed.
  • Ideal for targets that are not publicly accessible such as staging environments, applications that require credential access, or devices.

Public Programs

  • Scale testing efforts to gain access to extensive skill set, diversity, and coverage at scale.
  • Heighten Security Awareness and reassure stakeholders security is a priority to your organization.
  • Ideal for publicly accessible targets such as web and mobile applications or more complex targets like client-side apps and IoT devices.

Bug Bounty Programs Drive Efficient Risk Reduction

 Bug bounty programs are quickly gaining popularity because they combine effective risk reduction with efficient use of both capital and operating expense. Researcher payments are based on results: the more serious the vulnerability discovered, the bigger the payout. As the leader in managed bug bounty programs, Hycom’s program management team handles virtually all operational overhead, allowing our customers to focus on actually reducing risk by
remediating the vulnerabilities identified.

Rapid Risk Reduction

An incentive-based testing approach motivates researchers to think creatively and find high-impact vulnerabilities that present the most risk to your business.

Lower Operational Overhead

A cloud-based, managed solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing SDLC delivering frictionless setup with zero maintenance.


A results-driven model ensures you pay for the vulnerabilities that present a risk to your business, and not for the time or effort it took to find them.

Bug Bounty Programs: The Next-Gen Penetration Test

Penetration test are largely ineffective at reducing risk because they employ a small number of people with a limited skillset and timeline. Their goal is to complete the test plan, not find the biggest sources of risk. Bug bounty programs significantly improve risk reduction with an incentive-based testing model that introduces thousands of the top researchers to test your assets. Additionally, bug bounties offer low operational overhead and costs, and if needed can be run as an ongoing program to support agile devops that is continuously rolling out new code. That’s why more and more organizations are using bug bounty programs to supliment their penetration tests.

Hycom’s is trusted by more of the Fortune 500 than any other crowdsourced security platform. Why? Because people need to strengthen their security program without all the extra work and chaos. Hycom’s cracked the code on crowdsourced security through rock solid program management, top trusted researchers, and an integrative platform. That’s how our vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty programs find seven times as many critical vulnerabilities
as traditional testing.

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