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Driving Value out of Your Security Investments

Hycom’s Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) services help organizations improve their overall security posture by reducing risk exposure, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and aligning with information security standards and best practices.
Our information security team is comprised of professionals with experience providing GRC services to businesses across a multitude of industries.  This experience allows Hycom to understand the nature and complexity of your organization and apply GRC measures that both protect and advance your business.


Risk Assessment Services

Hycom provides a variety of risk assessment services that help organizations identify, measure, and mitigate operational risks.  Whether specific to compliance with industry regulations (GLBA, HIPAA, etc.) or more broadly focused (information security, IT, cybersecurity, etc.), Hycom’s risk assessment services are designed to provide a clear, concise analysis of risk exposure as well as actionable recommendations for risk mitigation.


Information Security Program & Advisory

Hycom’s information security team serves as a trusted advisor to many organizations, from startups to well-established businesses.  In this role, Hycom assists organizations with establishing logical and sustainable information security governance programs focused on continual improvement over time.  With services ranging from policy and procedure development to strategic planning, our information security team is happy to help your organization develop and maintain a sound security operation in any capacity.


Certification Preparation & Readiness

Hycom provides preparation and readiness services for organizations who are looking to demonstrate and validate their security posture through alignment with industry-recognized certification standards such as ISO, SOC, HITRUST, and CMMC. From policy and process documentation to control implementation, Hycom’s information security team can help get your organization ready for its certification audit. We even partner with accredited and certified assessors to ensure your organization’s certification process goes smoothly from end to end.


Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning

Our information security team has worked with businesses in all different stages of the disaster recovery and business continuity planning process. Whether starting from nothing or looking to revive an outdated or insufficient plan, organizations can rely on Hycom’s experience and proven methodology to guide their planning efforts, starting with policy framework and working through all of the finer details contained in a business impact analysis as well as corresponding test plans and procedures.


Security Awareness & Tabletop Training

The success or failure of an information security program is often contingent upon how well the program components are communicated to management and key staff. Hycom’s security awareness and tabletop training sessions help participants to better understand the efforts necessary to protect their organization against cybersecurity threats and respond to security incidents and other types of disasters. We offer a variety of employee, management, and board-level training exercises.


Incident Response

Part of an effective information security program is an organization’s ability to respond quickly and thoroughly to potential data breaches and security incidents. Our information security team assists businesses in appropriately responding to security incidents through expert guidance and analysis.  Hycom can also perform preliminary digital forensics efforts to help organizations gather important details required to inform their response activities and plan of action.

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